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Cafe Tills

Café Tills: Key questions to consider-

Does my cafe till need an individual preset button for each product that I sell? Save your customers and staff time by ensuring that all your products - or the top selling ones at least - have an individual preset button. Rather than having to type in the price for each item servers can simply press the preset product button to sell the item. Having preset 'hot keys' also minimises the chance of mistakes being made. Most cash registers with preset PLU's would also enable you to do a PLU sales report.

How many products does my cafe till need to have? A critical factor when choosing the correct cash register for your business is the number of buttons required. Some of the more basic tills can have as few as 4 buttons, whereas more advanced cash registers can have up to 110 preset buttons. Further still the touch screen tills available can be customised to allow your staff to easily access 100's of products at the touch of a button.

Does my cafe till need to the ability to issue a receipt with the cafe details on the header message? Even if most of your customers don't require a receipt for their coffee and sandwich you may get business customers who require a receipt for their records. Always consider a cash register which allows you to personalise the receipt header.

Does my cafe till need the cashier interrupt function? Cashier interrupt can be a useful feature for a busy café with multiple staff members. Cashier interrupt allows more than one staff member to have an open sale on the cash register at any one time. Without this function the sale must be cash off before another sale can be entered.
Do I need an audit roll? An audit roll is a useful function, as it records every single transaction (including 'No Sales', 'Voids', Refunds' etc.)

Do I require a cafe till with the table tracking functionality? If you need the table tracking functionality where a customer can open an order for their table and pay one bill once they have finished their meals.

Can I add a kitchen printer to my cafe till system? If you do food it might be useful to have a kitchen printer so that food orders are printed directly into the kitchen - rather than the order been taken on a note pad then passed to the kitchen.

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