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Chip Shop Tills

Chip Shop Tills: Key questions to consider-

Does my chip shop till need an individual preset button for each product that I sell? Most chippies have a flat keyboard cash register with all their items as presets. So Chips Regular, Chips Large, Cod & Chips, Battered Sausage each have a their own button with preset price and description. Depending on the register the description and price will appear on the display when the button is pressed and also on the receipt (if printed). Most flat keyboard cash registers would have enough buttons to cover the requirements of a chip shop as they have between 60 and 110 hot keys, but it is well worth thinking this through before choosing your cash till.

Does my chip shop till have a wetcover? A sure-fire recommendation for your chip shop till would be to make sure it includes a latex cover for the till buttons. Chip shops are notorious in the cash register trade for savaging their tills. The combination of heat, batter, salt, vinegar and grease don't mix well with electronic cash registers. The very least protection you can get for your cash register is the protection of a wet cover to minimise liquid ingress. Most flat keyboard cash registers include a keyboard button cover as standard (another reason why they are popular in chip shops), but if you are ordering a raised or split keyboard cash register we would recommend ordering with a cash register wet cover.

Does my chip shop till need to the ability to issue a receipt with the shop name as the header message? Very basic cash registers are limited in the information provided on the receipt. At the very least we recommend ordering a chip shop till which can have your chip shop name on the receipt header - the receipt can then be switched off and issued at customer request.

Does my chip shop till need the cashier interrupt function? Cashier interrupt is a popular feature for busy chip shops, which is often overlooked when purchasing a cheap model in the cash & carry. Cashier interrupt allows more than one operator to have an open sale on the cash register at any one time.

What about reporting? When deciding on a cash register for your business it is important to consider the level of reporting information you require from the register. Are you only interested in the drawer total? Do you need your sales split into different groups? Do you need the cash register to account for taxes? Do you need a cash register capable of telling you how much you sold of each individual item - rather than just a cash total? Is it useful to your business to know how many chicken and mushroom pies or cans of coke you sold this week?


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