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Fast Food Tills

Fast Food Till System

There are several key considerations when ordering a fast food till system. If you are a take away chicken or late night kebab shop whose staff take payments as well as serving the food you may only require a basic cash register, but one with a full size cash drawer so you have enough space for all the coins and notes tendered.
Take away pizza tills can be set with preset buttons with a level or menu shift to account for different pizza sizes. Having an individual preset button for each product you sell has several advantages. Firstly, it massively speeds up the time taken to process sales - staff don't have to remember all the prices in their heads and then type each price into the till, there is less likelihood of a mistake being made. The level or menu shift function then allows for your pizzas to be laid out by flavour so they don't take up too many buttons on the till.

The number of preset products you have, coupled with the different sizes they are available in will ultimately dictate the cash register most suitable for your fast food take away business. If your take away offers a wide range of products such as chips, kebabs, pizzas, fried chicken you may find that a touch screen till system offers the most flexible solution. Touch screens can be configured with a separate window for each range of products. So your main screen could have separate windows for Burgers, Pizzas, Kebabs, Chicken, Sides and so on each window could then accommodate the product options. Screens can be linked to options such as sides or how meat is to be cooked. Touch screen systems can be configured for kitchen printers, eat-in takeaway tax shifts and be connected for multiple till points.  

Touch screen till systems are also more flexible at accommodating multiple cashiers. A stylish touch screen till system can also have the effect of giving your outlet a more professional feel.

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