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Getting Started

When you are setting a new business with a view to taking cash payments a cash till or cash register is a key consideration.

Cash registers start at the very basic entry level tills – little more than cash boxes with a receipt printer.

Some of the smaller cash register are supplied with mini bases and don’t have the capacity to store all the different coin types. Another basic function of your cash register should be the capacity to print a personalised receipt. You may want a receipt with your company information at the top of the receipt to help reinforce your brand or you may want to issue receipts to assist with processing returns.

Cash Registers Diagram of Features

- Departments A group or category of sale to which individual products belong i.e: draught beer
- PLU's Price look up - individual products which belong to a group i.e: Pint of Ale @ £2.95
- Hot Keys Hot keys or presets are buttons on the cash register that can be programmed as preset products with a description and price, meaning you don't have to type the price in each time allowing for faster processing of transactions.
- EPoS Scanner Connects to EPoS to read barcode on product
- Receipt printer Printer on cash register which produces customer receipt. Some cash registers enable the receipt to be switched off and only issues on request, some don't have this flexibility.
- Journal printer Printer on cash register which produces journal or audit roll which feeds onto take up spool. Some cash registers only have one printer forcing you to choose between receipt and journal so have both.
- SD Card Some cash registers are SD card compatible allowing for sales data and programming to be backed up to the card
- Raised keyboard A raised keyboard simply means that the buttons are raised. Raised keyboard cash register are more commonly associated with retail
- Flat keyboard Flat keyboard cash registers have no raised buttons and are more commonly associated with the hospitality trade.
- Split Keyboard Cash Registers Split keyboard cash registers will have some raised buttons and a flat keyboard section.
- Size/dimensions Cash registers are available in all shapes and sizes - double check the space you have allocated for your cash register before orderin
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